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As a speechwriting consultant and coach, Joan consistently over delivers. Her strategic messaging is always on target for the audience: elegant, precise, uplifting. Her coaching is delivered in a way that is easily heard and acted upon by the student. She embodies the word “collaborative” - fights to get the right approach in play, but is open and receptive to ideas not her own. With her 1+1 makes 3. She is positive and result-oriented; the 100 percent solution for CEO’s refining their approaches to audience connection.
— NAN MORRISON, President & CEO Council for Economic Education
Astonishing. It’s just not the formidable intellect; it’s the grace of spirit and warmth.
— GLORIA SPIVAK, former Partner Neuberger and Berman
Working with Joan is life changing. It is as if a light has been turned on. I trust her insights without question or hesitation.
— ILANA MESSING, Start-up entrepreneur & consultant
Joan is such a great writer, she makes the entire process of giving a speech incredibly easy.
— JACK RIVKIN, Former CIO Neuberger Berman, Director IdeaLab
I have known Joan for almost two decades. She possesses immense integrity and courage. She is also a splendid writer. Joan knows what it means to ride for the brand and does so with unalloyed grit and determination.
— TED ROOSEVELT IV, Managing Director & Chairman of Cleantech Initiative, Barclays Bank
To Joan, the Diaspora Liberal.
Joan is my shepherd; I shall not want. She maketh me read Wall Street Journal OpEds; she leadeth me to objective analysis. She restoreth Wyoming ranchlands, or she leadeth me to her rancher friends who do. Yea, tho I walk through the building under the shadow of Time Square, I will fear no bankers: for Joan art with me; Ted’s Chief of Staff does comfort me. Thou preparest research before me in the presence of branded templates.
Thou annointest Ted with a wonderful speech, but the time runneth over.
Surely her merciless independence shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will enjoy the genius of Joan for ever.
— TIMOTHY BOTT, Graphic designer
Joan is an unsung hero to many of us in the West. She earned her spurs the hard way, not only doing the physical work on the range, but in putting aside Eastern stereotypes about the West. She received two ovations, speaking extemporaneously, at a cattleman’s gathering. One rancher described her as: ‘True north.’ Sunshine heals, and Joan shines for us here in written, spoken words, and the sheer force of her good will.
— CYNTHIA LUMMIS, Congresswoman Wyoming
Joan is perhaps the best most perspicacious and acerbic writer on land, natural resource and energy issues in the United States. She is a superb researcher, a discerning analyzer of character and can pinpoint a charlatan a league away. She has a rich sense of humor and understands the market place. In my book she gets 5 stars. I know of only one peer to her talents.
— AMOS ENO, President & Executive Director Resources First Foundation
I had the pleasure and honor of working with Joan on a host of strategic marketing initiatives for the Firm including producing conferences, seminars and workshops where Joan’s work was featured. Joan is first and foremost a writer. She has tremendous intellectual capacity and scope and has written extensively under her own name as well as anonymously for prominent business and government leaders. I have marveled at the variety of topics and voices covered in speeches and presentations for some of the most prominent global statesmen of our Firm. Joan has the natural inclination to be well informed, but she will thoroughly master any topic upon which she is writing, including adaptation for the audience to whom the work will be presented - and her work has been presented globally. Joan is also adept at speaking coaching and feedback, speaker scheduling and relationship management. I hope to be in a position to utilize her tremendous skills and in the meantime I am eagerly awaiting her next article...
— MARIE HUNTER, Former Head of Marketing, Client & Executive Services Lehman Brothers, Senior Director Intellectual Property Acquisitions IEEE