Essays on ranching, climate change, politics, and life

Promise and Betrayal   Range Magazine,   Summer 2011    

Promise and Betrayal

Range Magazine - Summer 2011

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Wasted on White-Collar Job   essay in award winning anthology,  Home Land: Ranching and a West That Works , 2007

Wasted on a White-Collar Job

Homeland: Ranching a West that Works, an award-winning anthology - 2007

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Cattle Ranching, Roosevelts, and Climate Change

Fundamatics; IIT Bombay Alumni Association - Bombay India, 2013

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The Hard Part - Making it Work

gnY-Point; IIT Alumni in NYC - Fall 2012

Biodiversity, Science, and the Human Prospect

Prepared by the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History, New York NY. Co-authored with Joel Cracraft, Francesca Grifo, and Curt Meine; Biodiv QH75.B562 - 1997 

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On Tiger Woods, Marriage, and other Dirty Jobs 

Femi Sex Blog - March 2010 

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Benign vs Malignant: A New Day in Liberal Politics

Femi Sex Blog - August 2009 

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A View from Another Country on Snowmobiling 

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - May 2004 

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