Speechwriting, executive coaching, and strategic communications


Speechwriting, strategic communications, opinion pieces, articles, and blogs for organizations, C-level executives, political leaders, and other influencers. 

By connecting to social trends and aspirations, Joan transforms corporate intention into mission. Adept at a wide range of topics – from social, political and financial challenges to reputation renovation – she achieves a script and delivery that is fresh, that wakes up the ear, that conveys both message and character. As the originator of the concept of a Corporate Diarist, Joan captures an authentic voice for brand leadership and audience engagement.

Joan’s work is highly attractive to other writers and the press, garnering media quotes, attention, and visibility. Her speeches have been published in ITAR TASS, Vital Speeches of the Day, Open Space Magazine, and other journals. Her opinion pieces for herself and others are published in the Boston Globe, LA Times, NY times, Washington Post, Washington Times, in Bombay India by their IIT, and other publications. 


Coaching for speech performance, press interviews, career advancement and job interviews, executive performance improvement, and personal training. 

Joan provides simple, effective, and highly prized coaching.  She is the originator of the CORE Principles for Executive Leadership and Communication. She draws out a natural leadership voice and style for the speaker, pruning away bad habits and self-protective distractions.

Working with private individuals in independent sessions and tailored 4-6 week programs, she sculpts your voice into a compelling and authentic presence.


Interactive workshops for participants looking to hone a persuasive speaking and writing voice. Group programs are offered in month-long or intensive-style formats. 

Most of us make presentations (including job interviews), and most of us labor with an internal script that impedes our external reception. Through physical, writing, and speaking exercises, we will work with three main components of audience connection: Mirroring, Receiving, Projecting. 

Past programs include:

  • Not Just Political Writing: Achieving an Original Point of View
  • Activist, Persuasive, & Political Writing To Change the World

To be notified of upcoming courses or to discuss a private internal program at your organization, please get in touch.