Words, words words - short pieces and prose poetry

Notes on the Weather

A collection of one page stories in three parts, published in it's entirety by Rampike Journal in these issues:

  • Le Numéro du Dixième Anniversaire (Tenth Anniversary Issue): Part I 
  • Postdecodance (Postdecodance): Special Issue, Vol.7/no.3 
  • Créativité de Mé-communication (Creative Misunderstanding): Special Issue: Vol.8/no.1

Story selections, arranged in different sequences were also published by Sojourner; The Women's Forum, Trivia 15; A Journal of Ideas, and other journals. 

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The Mysteries at Eleusis

A prose poem published by Rampike Journal in the following issue:

  • Eclectic/Perspectives/Eclectiques; Special Issue, Vol 8/No. 2

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