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Joan delivers high-level messaging and thought partnership for C-suite executives in speeches, articles, op-eds, and outreach to diverse publics. An expert in building constituencies, excavating a compelling leadership narrative, and coaching for optimum performance, Joan defines your communication needs and meets them with grace, originality, and authority. 

With over twenty years of experience in strategic communications, Joan has done it all and on a global basis. Her speeches have been given to honor presidents and prime ministers, to influence policy makers, and in presentations across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Her written work is published in major newspapers and publications, and she was featured twice as the WSJ’s Political Diary’s “Quote of the Day”.  

“Wise, funny, forceful.”

“A writer of sinewy prose.” 

“I shook my head in wonder many times.”

WSJ Political Diary, Quote of the Day - October 28, 2008

"[A]ccording to The Huffington Post, Obama's lack of experience is immune from criticism because he attended Ivy League schools, 'was a serious and successful student,' is a well-traveled, published author, and has a diverse background. Heck, he's me! Yet, in every one of my encounters with America's rural communities, the diversity of my privileged experience was eclipsed by the depth of theirs. I had rhetoric; they had well-measured speech, punctuated by forbearing silences. I had easy answers; they knew there was no such thing. It is not that the Republican base is anti-intellectual, as David Broder claims; they are anti-elitist. An Ivy League education is hardly a universal signal of competence in anything other than the liberal cultural canon "

-- JOAN CHEVALIER, a New York City speechwriter and essayist, writing in the Boston Globe

WSJ Political Diary, Quote of the Day - January 23, 2010

"I love the Mississippi Delta. It's where this erstwhile liberal greenie began her education in real-world conservation -- the kind most often tagged 'community-based.' But the voice of the Delta is missing from the environmental-liberal-administration response to the Gulf oil spill, no matter how loud those Cajuns shout. . . . This is what Bill Maher, pipsqueak of righteousness, had to say about it: 'F*** your jobs. If your job is in some industry that's killing things, maybe you are in the wrong line of work.' Then, he advised the roughnecks to reform their oil-besotted machismo and build offshore windmills in the windless Delta. . . . The International Energy Agency's latest report predicts that even in the midst of a global energy-technology revolution, it will take 40 years for the United States to drop its oil usage by 60 percent. For the next several decades, we will need oil, especially in rural America, where public transportation is not an answer and cattle, hay and fish require big motors to do big jobs" 

-- Speechwriter JOAN CHEVALIER, writing at